Affordable full service diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs.

At Bonavista Esso, our top-notch automotive technicians have worked hard to carve out a reputation for quality service and treating every vehicle as if it were our very own. Call us or drop by and see why our customers keep coming back to us for their automotive needs.


All of our staff are professional and journeymen mechanics – only the most knowledgeable and competent mechanics will be working on your vehicle.

We believe that it is our employees that make Bonavista Esso a success. We are committed to repairing your vehicle right the first time and delivering only the highest level of automotive repairs. The customer comes first, and our objective is to complete each job effectively and efficiently.

In addition to providing first class quality work, you will find our prices very competitive. Whether it’s a tune up, alignment, or even an out-of-province inspection, call or drop by and see why our customers keep coming back to us for all their automotive needs.

You’ll also find an Esso Tiger Express convenience store on the lot, along with fuel, and propane refueling.

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We are conveniently located on the corner of Acadia Dr SE, and Lake Bonavista Dr SE.

Click on the map to the right for driving directions, and additional information.

Bonavista Esso
759 Lake Bonavista Dr SE
Calgary, AB, T2J 0N2

Hours of Operation

SERVICE BAY: Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm

FUEL & CONVENIENCE STORE: Daily 6am to 10pm

VEHICLE PICK-UP / DROP-OFF: Daily 6am to 10pm



We do oil & filter changes, tune ups, check – flush – replenish fluids, and tire rotations.

We check and replace shocks, struts, and perform major repairs for steering and suspension parts like idler arms, tie rods, ball joints and more.


We provide engine service such as: tune-ups, timing belts, intake manifold gaskets and more. We do major engine repair and replacement as well.


We can replace power steering pumps, rack and pinion, hoses and valves. We clean and flushing lubrication fluid.

We have, and can install/balance tires specific to your vehicle model. We’ll check your wear patterns, and when your tires need to be replaced.

We’ll ensure that your car’s most important safety feature is working properly. We will inspect brakes, fluid, pads, rotors and drums.


We perform routine Toe, Caster, and Camber  alignments to specifications, and refer to specialty alignment shops for serious frame problems.


We provide transmission replacement as well as flush, filter & gasket service. We work on manuals and automatic transmissions and offer differential services

We check hoses, radiator, water pumps, & perform coolant flushing – all to keep your engine from overheating and to maintain a consistent temperature inside your vehicle.

We diagnose and perform minor & major repairs to keep your AC working in summer and year-round. We will evacuate and recharge your system. If you have a leak, we will find and fix it. 


We repair & replace muffler, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, exhaust manifold and all exhaust gaskets


We perform out-of-province, pre-purchase, and insurance vehicle inspections.


  • Mount & Balance 4 Summer Tires (Up to 16″)
  • Oil Change & Filter (Esso 5W30) up to 4L
  • Complete Inspection:
    • 30 Point Inspection
    • Tire Condition & Assessment
    • Charging System Check & Battery Condition
    • Belt Check & Coolant Condition
    • Air Conditioning Performance and Assesment
    • Brake Check
    • Suspension Check

Only $179.95 + tax. Over $30 in savings!

  • Mount & Balance 4 Summer Tires $129.95 – up to 16″
  • Oil Change, Filter & tire rotation $99.95 (Esso 5w30) up to 4L
  • Oil Change & Filter (Esso 5w30) $49.95 up to 4L
  • Coolant Flush $89.95 + coolant
  • 4 Tire Rotation $49.99
  • Out of Province Inspections $129.95
  • Insurance Inspection $99.95
  • Alignments start at $89.00
LUBE OIL FILTER ( 6 for 5 )

We offer a 6 for 5 Lube Oil Filter package.

Click here for a 6-for-5 Card. Cards are also available at Bonavista Esso.

We also offer a full range of tire selections for your vehicles, trucks, mini-vans or SUV vehicle.